FDA-ELP (3 Parts) T&C


Terms and Conditions

Course: Fundamentals of Dental Assisting E-learning Practical (FDA-ELP) in 3 Parts


Upon completion of FDA-ELP, the school, 4HandsDA, will assist you in your first dental assistant job by sending your resume to the 60+ prospective employers.

Completion Requirement:

  • Complete all FDA-ELP modules on e-learning within 3 months
  • Complete 8 hours of practical lessons within 3 months
  • Pass the 2 hours Competency Assessment within 6 months

*From the date of registration

Course Details:

Title: Fundamentals of Dental Assisting E-learning Practical
FDA-ELP (3 Parts) Course
Duration: within 3 months

  • FDA-ELP (Part 1 of 3): S$300.00
  • FDA-ELP (Part 2 of 3): S$200.00
  • FDA-ELP (Part 3 of 3): S$300.00

Modules covered:

FDA-ELP (Part 1 of 3):
3-months access

  1. Becoming a Dental Assistant
  2. Infection control
  3. Sterilisation
  4. Chairside manners
  5. Dental Anatomy & Charting

FDA-ELP (Part 2 of 3):
3-months access

  1. Introduction to dental radiography
  2. Assisting in Scaling & Polishing
  3. Assisting in Dental Restoration
  4. Assisting in Dental Extraction
  5. Assisting in Dentures
  6. Introduction to Complex Procedures

FDA-ELP (Part 3 of 3):

  • 8 hours of practical lessons
  • 2 hours Competency Assessment
  • Job linking to prospective employers
  • Lifetime access to Instagram media library
  • 10% off other courses


  1. Employment will depend on how well your interview went.
  2. If you’re being assessed by a dental clinic and successfully passed it, you’ll have a higher chance of employment.
  3. The better you perform in your practical lessons and Competency Assessment, the higher chances of your employment.
  4. Dental assisting is a female dominant industry, if you’re a male, your chances of employment is very slim.
    To avoid overpromising and under delivering, 4HandsDA will not be accepting male trainees unless it’s for a pre-course knowledge for further education e.g. Dentistry or dental mission work.
    We suggest you to consider other industry if you’re taking this to find employment or if you’re really interested to learn about dental assisting, you can register for FDA (e-learning only) Course.

Medical Conditions

  1. We are unable to assist your job search if you have contagious medical conditions e.g. Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, you can consider FDA (e-learning only) Course if you’re still keen on learning about the dental industry.
    Unless you are applying as non-clinical position, otherwise, most clinic will reject any dental assistant candidate with the above mentioned medical conditions. (MOH Guideline)

School Assistance in Job Search

  1. Upon passing the Competency Assessment, send your resume to SG_4hands@outlook.com
  2. The school will only assist job search for the trainees of FDA-ELP, please do not send someone else’s resume.
  3. Kindly ensure your details on your resume are accurate before sending or it will delay your job search.
  4. Your resume will be sent to out 60+ dental clinics on our list of prospective employers.
  5. The school will guarantee at least 3 job interviews but not employment because that depends on how well your interview went.
  6. Please do not reject ALL the clinics that offer you employment or job interviews, if you reject all, you’ll have to search for the other dental clinics yourself.

Withdrawal / Refunds

  1. There is no withdrawal or refunds once registered.
  2. Only serious learners should take FDA-ELP!
  3. Take your time to reconsider if you’re not 100% sure you want to do this.

By proceeding, you have agreed to the above Terms and Conditions.