Beverages can be good for your mental well-being like coffee and wine, or your health like orange juice and green tea but they may not be the case for your choppers.

ErosionStainingTooth Decay
Fizzy Drinks
Coffee (no sugar)
Tea (no sugar)
Sports drink
Wine (red)
Common beverages associated with dental concerns


Definition: Thinning of your teeth cause by acids

There are many beverages causing erosion. Orange juice contains citric acid, fizzy soda contains carbonic acid and a lot more acids in wine. Sport drinks are also low in pH and when you sip them over an hour or so during the course of your workout, you’re constantly tenderising your teeth!

Erosion also cause the outer most layer (enamel) of your teeth to get thinner, gradually, they will have a yellowish appearance because the next layer (dentine) is yellow.

Helpful tips:

Drinking through a straw and directly down instead of swirling the liquid in the mouth (it’s not a mouthwash!) may reduce erosion.


Definition: Discolouration of your teeth

Who doesn’t want that hollywood white teeth that reflects the camera flashes? Unfortunately for coffee, tea and red wine habitual drinkers, it will be harder for you to achieve it.

Helpful tips:

If you can drink through a straw as suggested for erosive beverages, it may help. But we know, it is a crime to drink some beverages through a straw like wine, (nobody does that!).
Consuming the beverage in a short period of time and rinsing your mouth or drinking plain water after to ensure no residual beverage may also be helpful to some extend.

Tooth decay

Source: Shaimaa Abdellatif

Definition: A hole on your tooth as a result of bacterial actions

Many factors contribute to tooth decay and sweet beverages is one of it. The bacteria in your mouth love sugar and by feeding it sugary sweet drinks is like providing them their party food.

Helpful tips:

Consume it during meal times or entirely omit sugary drinks from your life!

Word of advice on teeth whitening:

If you’re concerned about stains or simply want that white hollywood smiles, consult a dentist for whitening options, DO NOT conveniently use online whitening products or follow weird online videos of homemade lemon-baking soda whitening paste concoctions. They can have adverse effects or disastrous consequences if it’s not properly tested.

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