Don’t worry! You’re not going to die. Spitting out blood when you’re brushing your teeth usually means you have gum disease.

What is gum disease?

Bacteria infecting the gums causing them to be red, swollen and bleeds easily. You often won’t feel any major discomfort in the early stages but that does not mean you should ignore it.

The Culprit: Bacteria Plaque and Calculus

Bacteria plaque is the soft mushy build up on your teeth

All you need to do is to brush them away. Do it before they harden in average of 48 hours. They will return after you have brushed. They will grow when you don’t brush. They will give you bad breath. They secrete toxins that give you gum disease and cute white patches of acid windows on your teeth (if you wear braces).

Worst of all… they stick to your food when you eat!

Need more reasons to brush your teeth twice a day?

Dental Calculus is the hardened form of bacteria plaque

Now you lost your chance to brush the bacteria away when you could!
Don’t even think of using a harder toothbrush because it won’t work.
The calculus will stay with you 24/7.

What should I do now?! *anxiety attack*

Of course to visit the dentist or dental hygienist and have your scaling and polishing done!

But you’ll also need to put in effort in your daily maintenance after they removed all those gunks for you.

Make a change today and start brushing your teeth


Article written by OHT Melissa Lee
Contributor of 4HandsDA
Dental Hygienist in Allsmiles Dental Care (Jurong) and Omni Dental (Orchard)

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