Couldn’t sleep last night from a splitting headache caused by a tooth infection? All those painkiller were of little help in soothing the nerve pain caused by that huge hole on your last tooth? (Well, that’s what you get for not regularly visiting a dentist and ensuring you have a healthy set of teeth…)

NOW is the worst time to have a toothache! (I mean anytime is a bad time but now is the worst). 

Circuit Breaker (CB) started in early April and was extended till 1st June. It was put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, everyone is affected in one way or another.

The regulations that altered our dental industry in this CB is plentiful. Simply to put, if it’s non-essential, the clinics would have to reject you. If it’s essential, it will still depend on your health to decide if treatment can be rendered.

E.g. If your regular 6 monthly scaling and polishing is due, forget about going, just accumulate those tar tar a little thicker until CB is over. (and experience that satisfaction once you can scale those tar tar off, oh yeah~)

If you noticed a cavity (probably from eating too much sugar this CB… like me…), forget about having them fix either, dentists are not allow to fix them for you because you’re not having pain and it’s just… law right now. 

IF you’re having pain, they can actually see you. Literally, just to SEE you (and prescribe some medications) if you have medical issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, or you smoke etc. But even if you’re healthy, there are still myriads of procedures banned during this period.

But fret not, if you really need some form of emergency dental treatment, there’s a high chance your dentist will refer you to National Dental Centre (NDC) or National University Centre for Oral Health (NUCOHS).

Enuff’ talking… I’m in real pain, so what should I do now?

Few options:

  1. If painkiller helps, take them, don’t suffer that hellish pain from a troublesome tooth.
  2. Call your dental clinic and find out if they can provide any treatment or if can refer you. Do not just appear without calling, some clinics are closed and some will need time to arrange for the dentist to come. Always make appointment first!
  3. Call directly and make appointment with NDC (+65 6324 8802) or NUCOHS (+65 6772 4921)
  4. Master the art of tahan-ing (tolerate) pain…
    (no… don’t… I’m kidding here. A small problem can lead to a bigger issue in future, just see a dentist if you need to)

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy~!

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